25 things to do this summer!

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So thinking back more than a couple of years ago, at the age of 14 i lived in the country side and i loved it! I made friends straight away, and we were always out exploring the place! I think that's what i miss most about being young. I would spend hours in the corn fields playing hide and seak, making dens in the woods, and swimming in the lake, it was such a wonderful few years of my teens. 

Does there come a time where you are simply to old to do this? 
Because even though I'd like to not think so, there defiantly is a time where you grow out of things like this. That's why this summer I'm making a list, full of all the fun things i used to enjoy and little extra ones i can do with my boyfriend too! 

So in no particular order here's my summer to do list: 

1. Go on a road trip with no destination
2. Go to the Beach
3. Sleep under the stars.
4. Make wicked ice lollies 
5. Have a bonfire 
6. Make s'mores
7. Build the ultimate fort 
8. Make a summer play list
9. Tan
10. Lots of family BBQ's
11. Star wars movie marathon 
12. Go camping
13. Say yes for a whole day
14. document a day in pictures 
15. Find a beautiful place and get lost
16. Go on a million of dates with tony
17. Spend a day walking the countryside 
18. Ice cream at the beach
19. Children games like, swingball and badminton.
20. Henna tattoos
21. Go mini golfing
22. Dance in the rain
23. Play laser tag!  
24. Try something new
25. Fill out a book of all the fun stuff I've done this summer

This list is now written out and pinned to my door so i can tick them off one by one, and when I'm bored i can pick one to do! watch out for other blog posts though out the summer of places I've gone and things I've done!

Lilypad x 

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