The Start...

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I was lay next to him all wrapped up in the duvet. he looked so fragile, so innocent. His walls were down and he could crumble any moment. But I knew he would be okay because I was there, to hold him and to pick up the pieces. I knew i was just a replacement, a second choice. But the only thing I cared about was that i made him happy, even if it was for a little while and he didn't keep me around. In the end it will be worth it because for that little amount of time I was the reason he was smiling, I was the reason he was happy.. and I was the reason he chose to stick around. Things were slowing coming together and for the first time in a long time I was happy too... I never wanted things to change I wanted to stay like this forever, but I knew someone better would come along and I would just be back to being the friend. How could I make him want me? That's all I've ever wished for. For him to want me as much as I wanted him. but dreams only come true in fairy tales.
As his eye lashes started to flutter and the duvet started to Russel his eyes met mine. And in that very moment we both smiled, knowing full well how amazing the weekend had been. His arms wrapped around my body as he excepted me, I was no longer jumpy at the slight touch he gave me. I wasn't scared anymore, I was relieved. He wanted me... and not just for my personality, but because he loved ever inch of me, inside and out. My stomach full of butterfly's and my face plastered with a smile all I could do was stare into his sky blue eyes dreaming about our future together. I've never wanted anyone as much as I wanted this boy, as much as I wanted this to last forever.

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