Monday, 19 June 2017

3 tv series i am loving right now

Okay so trying not to lie to you, I'm always watching TV but recently there have been so many new great shows on. Here are a few random ones that I'm loving.

1. Girlboss

A TV show that basically made me want to start an ebay store and sell vintage clothing. I for one Love Britt Robertson so was really excited to see her play out the Sophia character. The series is actually inspired by Sophia Amoruso's best selling book "Girlboss". The series follows the rise of Sophia's million dollar fashion empire and all the added relationships stress that comes with it. defiantly one to watch.

2. famous in love

I started watching this after I saw it being mentioned as one to watch if you love pretty little liars, so there we go, I had to see if it was good. and I basically fell in love. Bella Thorne plays Paige a college student that auditions for a movie and lands a large part. She's then thrown in and has to navigate the highs and lows of being a celebrity. The show is also based on a novel of the same name written by Rebecca Serle.

3. The handmaid's tail

A show I got told about by everyone at work and came home and watched right away, a show that has me saying wtf all the way through and another one that is based on a best-selling book. based in the future in a society in what used to be part of America, in a desperate attempt to repopulate the world the remaining girls that are fertile are paired with couples and are forced into sexual servitude as they call it.

Who else has watched any of these shows? let me know your thoughts!

Lilypad xo

Monday, 5 June 2017

Am I really trying to grow my eyebrow hair with water?

If you clicked on this post because of the title then you've come to the right place. I mean I still haven't decided if I'm just using a product that is basically water to try and make my eye brows thicker.(insert the laughing crying face emoji).

First of all I just need to address why company's feel the need to put a tiny item in a big box like what the heck even is that????!!!!!!!

Okay so I brought this product from T.K max just over a month ago and I've been using it every night since. I'd like to say I have seen a difference but I'm not sure if that's because of natural hair growth or not. I mean the patchy bits haven't even changed one bit? so does it even work? I think I'm just questioning the whole thing and should chuck it away but then I'd really hate to think I wasted £7 on it.
 So looking at the ingredient list the first thing listed is water and I think that pretty much sums up what the product is probably 80% made of. I mean normally the first ingredient on the list is the main one, so were go with that.  

I think the only thing it has really done for me is wet my eyebrows and dried them in a good place so when I get up and fill them in they are sat right, if that makes any sense. Has anyone else tried this product? I'd appreciate anyone else's opinion!

Lilypad xo

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

A few firsts

So Easter Sunday me and one of my dearest friends decided to make a trip out of going to the beach and added camping to the list. Along with going to Tenby and Saunders foot camping was another one of my firsts!! I mean how the heck have I never been camping??!!
 Honestly it was one of the most fun things I have done in a while. I mean it was kinda freezing cold and 4.30 am pee breaks are not the nicest things ever but it was the best.
So here's just a few photos from our trip.

What is something that you've never done before?

Lilypad xo

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Some new Urban Decay products.

I don't think I've loved any make up brand as much as urban decay since I discovered them around 4 years ago. Since then I am always finding great products that I want to try and end up getting brought for birthdays/Christmas. This Christmas I got this crazy great box from my parents full of a few different products that I am loving.

The products included are:

Now I could write one of those posts about what they do, how well they go on, how pigmented they are. and by gosh they are all of those things but don't you just get tired of how much you have to read about how great a product is sometimes? and lets be honest there are four here! So here's a few words about each product and ill let you guys judge the rest.

I don't like to spend a lot of money on mascara but this ones great, in fact the only other one that I've loved this much is benefit roller lash. As far as the eye liner goes, I cant actually do a wing liner so I haven't used it.

That glow though. I've used this pretty much every day since I've got it, even the brush is pretty much life right now. The only annoying thing is that the "UD" on the brush rubbed off right away.

My favourite thing right now, such a great palette, I am loving shade extra bitter, and I've been using shade lockout for my brows every now and again.

Are you loving urban decay as much as I am?

Lilypad xo

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Paul mitchel colour protect reconstructive treatment - REVIEW

So I was lucky enough a few months ago to receive a product to try out from Paul Mitchel. I posted a photo on Instagram a week after trying the product out, because it made my hair feel that nice. Since I've had it, its been used every 3-4 days and I can not tell you enough about how much I love it. Plus how many times I have been told how nice my hair looks. (thank you by the way).

So I basically use a pea size amount every time I was my hair, after shampooing and conditioning, leave it in for five minutes and then rinse out, blow dry and style. I has never looked so silky smooth. I think the bottle comes in at around £15 but there is a lot in there so its defo going to last, and I am defo going to buy a new one when it runs out.

Thank you paul Mitchel for making my hair look and feel amazing.

Lilypad xo

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