Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Avovia coffeebody scrub REVIEW

NOTE TO SELF: Don't buy coffee scrub if you don't like the smell of coffee.

I wish you could see how much I have been laughing at myself over this coffee scrub. Why did I buy coffee scrub??? I DONT LIKE COFFEE!!!! It smells so strong and urgh I hate it!!

Anyways lets talk about this product, I brought the product down to all the hype around the coffee body scrubs the last few months and wanted to see if they were any good. This one I brought from savers at around £3 and it read that it would help with stretch marks, which I love in a product, because I have a few areas that have red raw stretch marks. but other things such as bad circulation.

I tried it for the first time last week and I found that it was so much hassle just to get out of the bag, it was almost a pain to try to do in the shower and it was more mess than intended. Maybe I should have tried to fiddle with the bag and stuff before I intended to use it.  Moving on from that I found that the fact it was mixed with coconut to be just amazing, and it made it so much softer and smoother to use.

The scrub was hard to apply to the skin but I did like the fact it was bitty, I mean its coffee so of course its bitty but its nice to have a scrub that well actually scrubs! haha! Apart from that after mixing it a bit more with water it made my skin feel so silky smooth and fresh feeling, and felt the same coming out of the shower too which was nice.

Apart from the fact I don't have a clue why I brought coffee scrub, I did in fact like it, defiantly would be easier to use in a tub or tube of some sorts. Safe to say I wont be buying it again due to the whole not liking coffee thing but I will be passing it on to my mum and we will see what she thinks.

Have you tried coffee scrub?

Lilypad xo

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

I wish i quit

I wish I quit. I wish I didn't decide to do blogtober and I wish I wasn't planning on doing it again next year. All that has come of this month has been stress, stress and more stress oh and not to mention the constant talking about rubbish on here which I did not mean to do.

I'd have liked it more I think if it was more of a group thing I think, if I knew more people that were doing it, and we had a page or somewhere we could share our daily posts and struggles with the whole thing. in fact maybe ill do that next year. If there is a next year.

Things will go slightly back to normal next week, I'm going to be writing and scheduling posts hopefully for two to go up a week about some thing a little more exciting and a lot more effort. anyways for the rest of the month, enjoy the rubbish I will be putting up and look forward to something cool in the next month or so.

Thanks for reading,
Lilypad xo

Monday, 23 October 2017

Loreal pure clay purity wash REVIEW

The Loreal pure clay cleanser, Wow just wow. I'm slightly amazed with how good my skin feels right now (about half a hour after using it).

If I am honest I was a bit baffled when it came to buying this one, simply because there are 3 different clay washes and 3 masks too, who knows what's going to be right for their skin, well I mean someone who's not good with the whole taking care of their skin thing! I brought the green wash because its made for cleansing and purifying the skin and for someone who's gets a lot of spots and scaring I thought it would help. I also read that the wash can be used as a wash and a mask so there was that factor added in to the whole thought process.

I was pretty surprised. from getting it out of the tube to washing it off It was a whole surprise. So to start with it came out of the tube very thin and light, which I was not expecting even though I knew it was a wash, I applied a think layer to my face and left it to dry, within 10 minutes it was dry. Looking in the mirror I could see it had dried over my spots and turned them white, I men not that anyone else will enjoy that but I did!! I then found that washing it off was pretty easy too and even though it had dried as soon as I wet it again it was as if it magically turned back into a face wash.

I was pretty impressed. I can not stop bosting about this one! oh and let me just mention the price, I got this one for £2.99 from savers as they had an offer on but usually its around £5.99 which isn't even too bad for for those who don't like spending a lot let me just say the price is very justifiable for how good the product is.

Have you tried one of these pure clay washes?

Lilypad xo

Sunday, 22 October 2017

A little bit of motivation,on a sunday

Today was a poo day. Everything seemed to go wrong that could go wrong and I don't think I'm prepared for tomorrow. I decided to start this thing off where any bad day I have I think  and write down at least 1 good thing that happened to me, I'm hoping this will keep me motivated and focusing on the good things not the bad ones.

1. I got to work and back in one piece (and so did the car)
2. I met a nice lady at work and she gave me hug to make me feel better. (there is good in the world)
3. Mum made s damn good pasta for when I got home!

Hey I know I said one thing but somehow I found 3. things crossed tomorrow is a better day.

What's one good thing that happened to you today?

Lilypad xo

Saturday, 21 October 2017

pumpkin picking at court farm

So today we went pumpkin picking. Something I have not done before, so I was kind of great to do it with my niece and nephew but also one of my favourite people in the whole world, my friend Chelsey.

We went to Tillington court farm, just out side of Hereford, where they have fields of fruit and veg you can pick, the corn maze and the pumpkin patch. Everyone there were amazingly nice and we had the best time! Annoyingly though we went on a day where it decided to pour down with rain so we had to put our wellies on, waterproofs and get all muddy but that was fine because I had the best time and got some cool pumpkins!!

Here's a few snaps for you.

Lilypad xo

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